A Good Sociopolitical Player

Thor Halvorssen is not your average nine-to-five foundation President. Although his organization, Humans Rights Foundation (HRF), is based in New York, he works worldwide. In the course of his career, he does not compromise where civil rights are concerned. He is equally uncompromising when it comes to individual liberties. These freedoms are cornerstone for Thor’s discussion and subsequent action. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen: https://humanrightsfoundation.org/about/board-and-international-council/thor-halvorssen

It is clear that he loves people, even though he says as much often and with enthusiasm. Thor also loves citizens who cause dissidence and those who defect against dictatorship in government. Other people on the love list are freedom’s trouble makers and those who stand up to tyranny. Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

Perhaps this love for the righteous indignant is the reason why Thor Halvorssen appointed Vaclav Havel as HRF chairman. Chances are this love went over just fine with Havel’s replacement, chess grand master and Vladimir Putin scourge Garry Kasparov.

In an ironic twist, Halvorssen himself is called a conservative or right wing, by some, for his views. He disagrees with much of the left wing government in Latin America. Another factor in his being seen as conservative are some of Halvorssen’s contribution sources.

According to Biz Journals, Thor Halvorssen is aware that there are some people in the political arena who raise their eyebrows at him. Thor Halvorssen maintains that the intolerance towards his organization is undeserved. He sees himself as a classic liberal and stands firm that his work speaks for itself. He and his small staff of twelve travel and make social change against some of the most oppressive governments across the globe.

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