EOS for You

There are many different lip balms that you can pick from, but you may be wondering what the best one is for you. It’s not always easy to find a lip balm you love, but EOS may be the one that is going to be best for you and the needs you have.

What EOS Lip Balm can do for You

You have probably heard of EOS lip balm and are wondering why it might be the one that you should be using. There are several reasons for using this you may not know. The biggest is the way it will make your lips feel. Your lips will feel soft and you will be glad you are using it. The Shea butter in the lip balm will help your lips to not only feel better, but will also make them softer to touch. This can help you to feel better about yourself.

Another reason to use EOS lip balm is the ease of finding it. You can find it in any department store as well as most gas stations. So if you lose one, you can get another one for your needs. You can also choose a different kind to have after you have already gotten one or more for you.

Why EOS is so Great

EOS is a great lip balm because it helps your lips to feel good and to be softer. This is great for you and your partner because your lips will not hurt, but be able to feel every sensation you want. It’s also great because it comes in a unique container that looks almost like a ball. It’s different and fun.

There are a lot of chapstick type lip balms on the market, but EOS is a great one for you to use when you have chapped lips. You only need to look in your department store and find the flavor you love to make your lips feel great. Check out the products on luckyvitamin.com and Racked.com.



Nathaniel Ru: And How Health Can Affect Productivity

One thing that could be said about health is that it is very important. If one has poor health, then that could interfere with many different aspects of life. For one thing, poor health could interfere with work performance. This is why it is important to make sure that one’s health is at the top. While many people think that the key to good health is in dosing up in medication and pills, there is in fact another aspect of health that should not be ignored. This is diet. There are certain foods that one could eat in which his health would improve. At the same time, there are certain foods that could break the body down.


Nathaniel Ru is one of those people that realize that. However, he also sees that the fast food industry is one of the most successful industries when it comes to feeding people. People no longer have the money to visit full service restaurants. As a result, they try to save money on the value menu. However, they wind up getting a lot of empty calories. This results in people being vulnerable to health problems. For one thing, it is not a good thing to be lacking in nutrients if one is working for himself.


Nathaniel Ru has started working for himself in the fast food industry. He has understood the value of nutrition. This is what led to the founding of Sweetgreen. He has teamed up with a couple of friends to bring forth some of the new dishes that are available for customers. There are a lot of new salads that people have never heard of for the most part. They can also come up with their own recipes. One of the most important aspects of Sweetgreen’s salad is that they are filled with many of the needed nutrients that will regulate the function of the body.


Nathaniel Ru is not only physically healthy, but he is also mentally healthy as it shows in the diet that he promotes. Sweetgreen is definitely getting ready to change the fast food industry as it expands to different markets.


Why Not Zealand Is Not An Offshore Haven

Geoffrey Cone, a lawyer who serves as one of the managing partners of law firm, Cone Marhsall, has set about to debunk the idea circulated in the press that New Zealand is a tax heaven. The idea is ludicrous and is easily debunked by looking at the laws and regulations of New Zealand’s financial sector.

Tax havens have several key characteristics that define them. They include a lack of transparency, strict privacy laws, and rules to prohibit the sharing of client information to foreign governments. A highly deregulated banking and financial sector is another key element of offshore tax havens. Now take a look at New Zealand, says Geoffrey Cone. The country does not have any one of the characteristics that make up an offshore haven.

Instead, New Zealand is a model of tax transparency. The influx of trusts into New Zealand have nothing to do with New Zealand becoming an offshore tax haven to park assets. Instead, it has to do with the reliability, security, transparency and human capital available to trust owners. What human capital is, is the legal team needed to run and operate a trust such as lawyers and accountants skilled in financial matters.

New Zealand is attracting foreign assets because the country is seen as a safe and stable place to hold money. Trustee owners don’t benefit from paying less taxes when their money is held in New Zealand. The country has strict record keeping laws and sharing laws with other governments. Even if somebody tried to hide assets in New Zealand, the legal requirements to have and operate a trust in New Zealand would quickly expose them. So there is no tax haven in New Zealand.

Instead, New Zealand is home to a ripe environment for holding trusts in and contains a strong base of professionals to manage it. They include Karen Marshall, who is also a managing partner at the law firm, Cone Marshall. Karen Marshall comes from the United Kingdom and brings a wealth of experience from her time working as a litigation lawyer in the UK.

Mrs. Marshall works as a trustee advisor and manager of trusts for trust held in New Zealand. Along with Geoffrey Cone, Karen Marshall provides clients with the framework they need to establish and maintain trusts in New Zealand. It is highly professional and skilled law firms like Cone Marshall as well as the financial climate of New Zealand that are reeling in new trusts to the country in record numbers.

David Osio Gives His Success Back To Communities

Known for his support of the community through medical research, music and art, David Osio strives to make a difference. For over twenty years, he has been in collaboration with many non-profit organizations that better the communities where he develops business through the people, art and culture.

As one of the members of the Orchestra Band in Miami, he has supported the MISO (Miami Symphony Orchestra). His company is an annual supporter of the Orchestra, finding it rewarding to see such iconic foundations continue to have the ability to stay in operation and bring enjoyment to the community.

David Osio is also a longtime support of The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, an international foundation he has traditionally sponsored for events year after year. Osio believes that every bit counts when it comes to medical research, especially for children. His hope is that someday people can come together to truly make a financial difference for the cause.

His other philanthropic endeavors include donating to Wayuu Taya Foundation, the Fundana Foundation and the UMA Foundation. He also funds arts foundations like the Saludarte Foundation of Art in Miami and exhibitions by artist, Carlos Cruz Diez.

Because of Osio’s many contributions and support of the community, he has received numerous international awards and recognitions.

David Osio is the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group (DFG), an advisory group. He leads the direction of the group on both domestic and international markets. He has enabled the increase in DFG’s income levels in addition to its expansion into different strategic cities like New York, Lisbon, Miami, Panama City and Geneva.
Regardless of which city DFG moves to, Osio has continued to make both business and charitable growth. Over the past 20 years, David Osio has transformed DFG into a global company.

Osio graduated from the Catholic University, Andres Bello, in Caracas, in 1988 as a lawyer. He started his career in Venezuela as Director in the Legal Desk MGO, where he provided advice to international clients. Almost ten years later, he completed a specialization at the Institute of Higher Administration Studies in Caracas. In 2010, David Osio reached even more advanced professional credentials by studying Management Investment Portfolios at the New York Institute of Finance.

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WEN by Chaz Dean, a gentler, more effective way to cleanse your hair

Chaz Dean, the founder of WEN, is a Los Angeles based photographer, hair stylist, colorist, and makeup artist. Apart from his demanding career as the most popular hair stylist in Hollywood, he leads a very zen, peaceful life. He has a connection to nature and enjoys activities that include pilates, yoga, meditation, hiking,and cooking. It is this natural philosophy that inspired him to create his own line of sulfate free, nourishing hair care products. After creating the initial WEN products, he tested them for five years to ensure quality and effectiveness before releasing his line to the public for purchase.

At the time of its release, WEN was the only hair care line on the market with a sulfate free, chemical free, no lather formula. WEN does not sell regular shampoo, but rather promises to cleanse and condition hair with a one-step, one product option; a special cleansing conditioner. Though skeptical at first, several of his clients have shared their own personal results of using this conditioner over a certain length of time, and have all reported healthier, shinier, stronger feeling hair.

In order to unlock the full benefits of this revolutionary cleansing conditioner, Chaz suggests starting out with well-rinsed hair. For short hair, he recommends using 10-16 pumps of conditioner, 16-24 pumps for medium length hair, 24-32 for long hair, and additional pumps for hair that is even longer or thicker. The next step is to apply half of the conditioner to the hair, making sure it is massaged throughout. In 5-10 minutes, rinse your hair thoroughly, and then apply the second half of the conditioner. Repeat the rinsing process, and while the hair is still soaking wet, apply a small drop of the product to the ends of your hair as a leave-in conditioner. Endorsed by several A-list celebrities and created with the integrity of your hair in mind, the system is guaranteed to naturally transform your hair, and essentially, transform you as well. To learn more visit the WEN Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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Sweetgreen Is Changing The Fast Food Industry

A new salad restaurant chain called Sweet Green is changing how people are viewing the fast food industry. This industry has long been associated with unhealthy foods such as burgers or fries or burritos. Sweetgreen is changing all of this. It offers healthy, freshly prepared salads made from local, fresh ingredients that are in season. Furthermore, the pricing is very close to a burger, fries and milkshake at a comparable restaurant.


 Sweetgreen is also making use of technology to improve its business and ultimately the fast food restaurant experience. Customers can order salads online through the web. There is also a sweetgreen app that lets a person order straight from a smartphone. It is estimated that 30% either use the web or app to place an order at Sweetgreen.


Another stand out item of Sweetgreen is that customers can customize their salads the way they want to. You can add or remove ingredients to tailor it to your specific needs. If ordering in person, a team member guides you from start to finish until your order is ready to be served.


Sweetgreen also has a unique supply chain model. Before entering a new market, it looks into the existing growers in the area and what crops they are growing. Instead of ordering what may not be found in the area, they use as much of the locally grown produce as possible. In California, for example, Sweetgreen has made use of broccoli rabe or leaves which used to be tilted back into the earth instead of eaten.


Sweetgreen has seen explosive growth. Many of its locations see long lines that can stretch outside the store. It is building upon all the latest trends in food. Healthy, fresh, organic and convenient is what has made Sweetgreen a chain with over 40 stores in 2016 since opening up in Washington D.C. in 2007.


Nathaniel Ru is one of the three co-founders of the salad chain restaurant called Sweetgreen. He along with, fellow co-founders Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet came up with the idea for Sweetgreen when they were students in Georgetown University in Washington D.C. They officially established Sweetgreen in 2007. Nathaniel Ru says that the idea for Sweetgreen came after they realized that there was a lack of affordable and healthy eating options in the area around Georgetown University.


Despite being in his 20s Nathaniel Ru is considered to be a pioneer in the food industry. He states that the idea of Sweetgreen is to use technology to make healthy food more convenient than ever before. Ru has also launched iniatives to reduce food waste and incorporate local produce in the menus of Sweetgreen locations. Nathaniel Ru, now also invests in other businesses in addition being a Co-CEO at Sweetgreen restaurants.


How Nathaniel Ru and his Two Partners Started and Run Sweetgreen to Success

Sweetgreen began in 2007. It is a startup business in the food industry. It is headquartered in Georgetown with the aim of making food. They specialize in healthy and delicious food presented creatively. Three after college graduates; Jonathan Neman, Nicolas Jammet and Nathaniel Ru are the co-founders of the startup. The desire to provide better food options in U.S. as well as run a business was their driving force towards having a startup. With high discipline as well as a well-formulated business plan, they were set to raise money for the business from friends and relatives.


They seek to develop good relations with their clients and service providers as well as understand how to maintain a good workforce. When it comes to offering their services, they do not just sell salads, but they are keen to sell a unique brand. Sweetgreen enjoys the latest technological advancement especially with a Sweetgreen app used by 30% of his customers. The people order food from home and then pick it up when it is ready. They prefer to conduct food transactions from a website or a mobile app. The three co-founders maintain a healthy relationship and the partnership have contributed to more than 31 branches in U.S. with a target of 40 by the end of 2016.

Nathaniel Ru is a co-founder and a Co-CEO at Sweetgreen. He pursued a BSC in Finance at Georgetown University and graduated in 2007. It is there that he met his other two partners at an entrepreneurship class. The three shared common interests. Their parents were entrepreneurs and immigrants. He advises every young person to spend time reading books. He regards Kevin Plank highly and is his role model. Besides Sweetgreen, Daniel also enjoys the dishes and services of Johny Moni’s Little Serow.


Sweetgreen believes in offering services that suit a customer’s tastes and preferences, values at a friendly budget. They usually visit the farms and enquire on what the farmers have produced thus reducing the amount of vegetables that the farmer wastes. They launched Sweetlife in 2010 a music and food festivals. Sweetlife attracts around 20,000 people, all types of musicians, top chefs, food trucks and farmers. The trio has received recognition by the Bloomberg, Forbes, USA Today, Food and wine, and CNBC. The three have been on the Forbes list of “30 under 30” and the “40 Big Food Thinkers 40 and under” by the Wines Magazine.



Wen by Chaz for Beautiful Hair

There are a lot of ways you can get beautiful hair. You may not be sure what you need to do in order to get that beautiful hair you have been looking for your entire life. Wen by Chaz may be just what you’re looking for.
What Causes Damaged Hair?

The biggest cause of damaged hair is heat styling and not using the right shampoo and conditioner. The heat damaged hair is usually caused by daily use of the flat iron or the curling iron. This can be a big thing that will cause the hair to become damaged over time. Daily use can cause a lot of damage and can make things hard to return back to normal.

Not using the right products is another way the hair can be damaged. This is usually caused by discount shampoos that are not good for the hair or that have too much salt in them. This can make them look like they are going to work well for the hair, but could in fact cause the hair to be dry and brittle.

How Conditioner Works

Conditioners work by filling in the areas that are damaged and that need extra help in order to heal on their own. The hair is normally easy to make healthier by this and conditioning treatments are the best way to make this happen. Conditioners that are good quality like Wen by Chaz are going to be the best options for you to get your hair looking great. https://www.amazon.com/WEN-Sweet-Almond-Cleansing-Conditioner/dp/B0048O2R1E

You should take your time and find the best option for your needs. This way you will not have to worry about your hair not looking good or that your hair is not going to be soft as it should be. That is why it’s so important that Wen by Chaz is one of the top ones for your needs. Check out the products infomercials on QVC and YouTube.


Lovaganza Celebrates Cultural Differences

Lovaganza is an entertainment franchise company that provides a unique blend of entertainment. The company celebrates the uniqueness of all nations by showcasing a combination of music, dance, and cultures. While entertainment is usually performed and presented through the nationality and culture of the entertainers. Lovaganza provides a glimpse into the differences that make everyone unique.

Lovaganza understands that all nations enjoy entertainment. However, rarely do people from just one nation or culture go to entertainment venues. Typically people from a variety of nations and cultures go to see entertainment performances, but in many cases a segment of the audience does not see music, dance, or culture that is of their own.

As a major entertainment provider, Lovaganza offers a special combination of entertainment that showcases multiple nationalities and cultures during the same entertainment performance on celebmafia.com. Therefore, almost everyone in the audience will have the opportunity to witness music, dance, or culture that is native to them.

Another aspect to Lovaganza’s unique approach to providing entertainment is that people from various nations and cultures get to experience a variety of entertainment performances. This exposes people to dance, music, and culture that they may not normally get a chance to witness. This exposure to other nations and cultures regarding the arts such as dance and music is important because it breaks boundaries and introduces common forms of entertainment such as music and dance to the masses in the form of the particular nations.

Just as no two people will sing a song exactly the same. No two nations present music, dance, or culture in the same manner. Lovaganza educates the masses by bringing music and dance in its natural form to people across the globe. The natural languages on wikidot.com are used during the entertainment performances. The natural musical flow of various nations can be heard and felt through the music. Everyone regardless of the nation can see the beat and feel of the dance.

Lovaganza is recognized the world over by people from nations far and wide. The company provides entertainment to people of all ages, races, nationalities, and cultures. However, the true essence of Lovaganza is that the dance, music, and culture comes through in a distinct form based on the performers. The entertainment experience provided by Lovaganza is uniquely different because of the nationality and culture of the individual performers and everyone in the audience gets to enjoy these differences.

Through Green Park Brands, Livio Bisterzo Creates The Hippeas Brand


Green Park Brands is planning to start selling its Hippeas products. This organic chickpea puffs snack will leverage on its healthy offering. The product targets the socially conscious and healthy millennial. It will be packed in the 22g and 110g bags with less than 91 calories and 455 calories respectively.
The gluten-free snack will be available in different flavors. The new range will have Pepper Power, which incorporates sea salt and pepper. Far Out Fajita will be prepared using cumin, paprika and chilli. In Herbs We Trust shall have thyme, oregano and rosemary flavors. Paprika spice, onion and smoked sea salts are the ingredients needed to make the Sweet & Smokin brand.
The CEO of Green Park Brand, Livio Bisterzo, asserted that Hippeas would be the next loved snack brand in the globe given that it has all what it takes. He continued to say that by creating an affordable, premium and better-for-you proposition, the company would revive Hippeas’ food category.
The brand launched in retail partners, including Boots, Starbucks as well as Holland & Barrett. JKR created the visual identity, personality, tone of voice and packaging of the brand. Hippeas brand is designed to resonate with the contemporary “hippie” generation. To this end, the company partnered with Farm Africa’s Food for Good joint initiative. The brand personality is inspired by the original hippie era’s smiling face. However, it was updated to be in tune with the modern audience. The brand’s visual identity is aimed to stand out on the shelves, online and in the minds of consumers. It is characterized by a bold yellow face, which has a colored tongue to signify the different flavors. The tone of the voice is designed to enhance social consciousness using irreverent humor.

For over 7 years, Livio was working in the health and natural food industry. In order to create Hippeas, he worked closely with a food innovation company. It took several product development as well as consumer testing before they came up with a finished product. Livio and his team had to push the boundaries in order to make the “better for you” snack. He has received many comments from satisfied customers that have had Hippeas as their new snack. Livio is happy about the social mission of the brand. He said that the brand is receiving recognition and many opportunities. To this end, the company is giving back to society. Livio knew that they needed to come up with a product that steers away from others and makes customers to pick it up from the shelves.

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