Bring The Best Out of Your Hair Courtesy of WEN By Chaz

This article follows a detailed explanation by a user who happened to use the Wen hair by Chaz hair cleanser in a span of seven days. According to the user, and the website at hand, WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioner is a great hair product that leaves your hair smooth and highly attractive.

Based on the experiment as elaborated by the user, WEN by Chaz guarantees you a healthy and long-lasting hair, free of dandruff, breakages, and roughness. Apart from this, you are also guaranteed a soft, thin, highly oiled and shiny hair, something that can’t be said of other hair products.

Depending on your type of hair, you can choose from a wide variety of WEN by Chaz hair products which include, Lavender, Cucumber Aloe, Pomegranate, and Fig Cleansing just to name a few. The user at hand used the Fig version since it promised her a moisturized and soft hair. Unlike other hair products which require a little amount of moisturizer, with WEN, you need about 24-34 pumps if your hair is long, and 10-16 pumps if your hair is short.

Though this may seem too much to some users, the overall results are no doubt worth it.
WEN By Chaz is a cleansing hair conditioner that provides you with a shiny, beautiful and healthy-looking hair. Unlike other hair conditioners which cleanse your hair with harsh sulfates, WEN by Chaz uses its hair-friendly ingredients such as glycerin, Wild Cherry, Sweet Almond oil and water to evenly wash your hair.

Produced and released by Chaz Dean, (Los Angeles based hair stylist) WEN by Chaz brings together the combination of five (5) different products in one. In simple terms, WEN by Chaz replaces your conditioner, shampoo, detangler, leave-in conditioner as well as your deep conditioner. With WEN by Chaz, it’s high time you kissed goodbye hair products which claim to offer more but end up offering less.  Wen hair care products can be purchased from retailers like Guthy Renker and Sephora cosmetics stores. Check out:

For more info, visit the Wen hair Facebook page.


Sweetgreen: Eating Well to Be Well

The great accomplishment of Nathaniel Ru was to use his young brain at the time along with several other young minds during his senior year at Georgetown University in the D.C. area, to convince a skeptical landlady to allow them to follow their hearts, the dreams and their healthy minds to set up a wildly successful chain of healthy eateries on the first M Street space. The foods that are brought in for consumption by health minded people are fast delivered fresh from the farm to the dinner plate.


Once the young men succeeded in putting together a great restaurant in what was once a Tavern space of 560 square feet in a great location in the Georgetown University downtown area, students, professors, and all kinds of folks flocked to the new eatery for juices, salads, trendy healthy dishes that they called sexy, social, smart and local. Each year they promote their brand at their hosted event that is a music festival. It is their belief that they are the “Apple,” of eateries and that “People do not buy what you do. They buy the way that you do it.”


Health is so important for longer life these days that people latch on to a better way to live. Sweetgreen offers more choices to those who have learned that the body is what it is fed. Eating killed flesh is a quicker path to death and that is what happens to the body when the foods it gets are mortified. Sweetgreen offers the healthy greens, fruits, and grains to make the body strong and the mind sharp. Brain cells are conserved as they cannot be replaced, once lost. Eating meat causes lesions in the brain, interrupting synapses causing early loss of memory and sharpness. Many people lose their abilities at an earlier age from flesh eating which is equal to self inflicted devastation.


Ru has discovered that people want to live and his success is exponentially increasing with the number of stores that have been opened, using a core value business model that will support the company and the community with service to please the customers and galvanize the brand. Ru said that early on the team of young entrepreneurs who conjured up Sweetgreen banked on three values and then as the years passed they added as many as twenty core values that drove them to higher and higher levels of success. Recently, Ru found that he should hone their values down to five principle values which are posted in every kitchen of a Sweetgreen restaurant. Now all the employees are guided by the winning decision making that grew the company to such great success.




The New Spark Tank

Marc Sparks is one of the most well-known entrepreneurs in the world today. He is starting a new show that is supposed to help small business owners. There are a lot of people who are interested in taking their business to the next level. With his new show, he will open up his bank account to fund these companies. This is a huge step for him, as he has spent his entire life building up companies. With his new level of experience, he now wants to take his company to the next level.  Read more: Marc Sparks – AngelList

Spark Tank

Spark Tank is a show that is designed to encourage people in building up their business. Millions of people in the United States own their own business, but few people have the experience needed to take it to the next level. Over the next couple of years, many people expect to continue to start companies.

In order to grow, many companies require some sort of capital on the front end. If you are someone who wants some help in this area, getting help from Mark is one of the best things that you can do. Over the next few years, he wants to help dozens of people take the next step in starting their business.


One of the biggest issues for many people in starting up a business is capital. Few banks are willing to lend to small business owners, as the risk profile is just too high. If you are a small business owner who wants to grow a business, going to a traditional bank is usually out of the picture.

However, Spark Tank is designed to bring capital to small business owners who need it to get to the next level. If you are someone who feels like you are limited based on your current financing, this is something that the show can help you with.

Future Plans

According to Crunchbase, over the next few years, Mark Sparks wants to continue to help people in starting up their business. There are a lot of variables to consider when starting your own business. Getting to the customer and meeting their needs is essential. If you need capital to get started, borrowing the money from a bank can be difficult. There are a lot of people who struggle in this area of their business.

Mark Sparks wants to offer his expertise to as many people as he can over the next few years. This is something that he has dedicated his life to, and he is investing a lot of time and money into the venture. Anyone who wants to get to the next level should go on the show to get extra funding for their business idea.

Save Your Time and Money Today!

Recently, Securus Technologies announced the launching of its ConnectUs mechanized Inmate Forms and Grievance app. This innovation is aimed at assisting customers save money and real time. According to Russell Roberts, the vice president in charge of Securus marketing and strategy, Securus is dedicated to continuously provide new features and technology to customers. Inmate Forms and Grievance app is a good example of the innovations that have been made to ensure clients get effective and latest technological solutions. Most correctional facilities tend to use paper forms when dealing with inmate requests such as medical, handbook acceptance forms, grievances and signup forms among others. This makes correctional officers spend much of their valuable and precious time collecting, distributing, copying, responding, archiving, storing as well as logging forms.


Advantages of the New Application


This application is designed to create custom forms of all types of request and make them easily accessible to inmates. Additionally, if you are in need of changing a particular form, the process is simplified and only takes a few minutes to get it done. The changes are made as fast as possible and no printing is involved in the whole process. This application aims at transforming manual paper processes into digital automation. With this application, customers and correction staffs are able to save much of their valuable time and focus more on sensitive issues such as security and safety. Moreover, inmates are in good position to access the form, view their status and decide whether to appeal or accept them.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is one of the leading service providers of criminal justice and civil technology solutions for corrections, investigations and public safety. This firm has its main offices in Dallas, Texas and serves more than 1,200,000 inmates all over North America. Securus Technologies has a good reputation due to the amazing services it provides.

Achieving velvety lips with quality lip balm

Compared with its trendy “cousins”, lipstick and lip gloss, the lip balm is often forgotten and unappreciated at its true value. However, you can find a moisturizing bar at the bottom of every woman’s bag .
According to a survey conducted on the Facebook page of Total Beauty website, the average woman uses lip balm up to 30 times a day. Yes, you read right – 30 !!!

Not that I am the kind that disbands obsessions, but many daily application of lip balm must mean that something goes wrong. In my opinion, it’s the product itself …

Fortunately, lip balm has advanced spectacularly from the simple calendula cream or concentration of grease. Currently, along with the color pigments of the creamy composition, lip balm comes with a unbeatable protective factor, textures and different forms, suitable for any of us.

One of the top brands that promote lip balm products is Evolution of Smooth. Evolution of Smooth is a skin care brand founded in New York. Known for its unique packaging, elegant design and superior quality of its products, Evolution of Smooth is the number 1 brand in the category of lip balms in the US. EOS lip balm is the stars’ favorite. Evolution of Smooth is crowd’s favorite everywhere. Revolutionary in their design and their intrinsic qualities, 100% natural lip balms Evolution of Smooth conquered the world. With over 5.8 million fans on Facebook, more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram, Evolution of Smooth balm is not just the must-have, is the brand of beauty with the highest rate of engagement of fans on these two platforms ! Check out EOS’ twitter;

Using a formula containing vitamin E intensely anti-oxidant, jojoba oil and shea butter, soothing lip balm Evolution of Smooth keeps lips hydrated, soft and very smooth. The beautiful smooth spheres have an outstanding design, soft and velvety to touch and easy to use.Evolution of Smooth lip balms care organic are available in four delicious variants: Strawberry Sorbet, Summer Fruit, Acai Blueberry and Sweet Mint. EOS products are sold online on Amazon, and LuckyVitamin website.

It is impossible not to fall for Evolution of Smooth, of its revolutionary formula and flavors of delicious!


A Review Of Medicare Advantage And The Plans Offered Under The Program

While most people use Medicare plans from the Original Medicare, some have chosen Medicare Advantage owing to the benefits the program has brought along. Medicare Advantage plans are managed by the federal government and submit a fixed payment for each person. The plans are divided into two parts, Part A and B plans, which offer distinct benefits for users.

For Part A Medicare Advantage, users are offered cover for all in-patient services they get, but this does not include special cases like appointments with a physician or surgeon. Part B caters for sessions with physicians and surgeons and allows users to pay monthly premiums. The plans are flexible and allow you to sign for additional cover that may not be included in the original agreement. Additionally, there are rules that you must understand about these plans because each is unique and managed to cater for specific issues.

Many scholars and individuals have been trying to create the connection between the two avenues of care. Some people taking Original Medicare have not been able to understand why they need to choose Medicare Advantage, simply because the rating system recommended could not effectively offer data that could be used to set the two apart. Uwe Reinhardt, a health columnist, reviewed the literature surrounding the Medicare plans and saw very little information on which the two could be compared.

Read more: Rick Shinto – Innovacare Services Company LLC

The healthcare reform
Medicare Advantage was introduced on the concept that competition among providers like InnovaCare Health would help to bring down the costs for users. However, this idea did not get the results required since higher-quality care remained costly and a benefit of few. So, the body worked on leveling the ground instead to ensure all members receive adequate healthcare.

A look into InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare, which is based in North America, is a verified provider managed healthcare through Medicare and Medicaid services. InnovaCare Health has created an integrated network that is focused on offering cost-effective and sustainable services to users of healthcare plans.

The company is run by a team of leadership with years of experience. The CEO and President, Dr. Rick Shinto, is an expert in clinical health and research with more than 20 years working in the healthcare industry. He is assisted by the Chief Administrative Officer of the company, Penelope Kokkinides. Penelope has also worked in the healthcare industry for at least 20 years, so her experience and prowess has been of use in elevating InnovaCare to its current position.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health:

Kenneth Goodgame for Retail Assistance

If you are currently the owner of a company that needs help with marketing and Merchandising, you will want to hire professional who can do this type of work for you. Lots of people are hiring retail experts for their own companies so that it saves them lots of time and hassle of doing the work on their own. Another benefit to hiring a professional like this is that they had the skills and experience to get the job done right and this might be something that you left in terms of running your own business.

A wonderful retailing expert in the market is known as Kenneth Goodgame and he is one of the best professionals to hire for the specific purpose. Many people have worked with Kenneth because of his experience and knowledge in retailing and it is why a lot of people are choosing to contact him and his office is to see if he is able to help them out as well. This expert to somebody who can help you tremendously and can get the job done when you are not able to do it on your own. This expert also does not have to charge a lot of money for their services so it can be easy for those who are on a budget.

Kenneth Goodgame, in particular, is one of the best professionals to contact when it comes to getting this type of work done. The reason for this is because he has a lot of experience and knowledge in the retail field and is able to get you the job you need done in a timely fashion without much headache on your part. If you feel that it is about time for you to get help with this type of issue it might help for you to hire this expert so that they can help you out. Goodgame is a wonderful choice for just about anyone who wants help with their retailing experience and knows that their company needs a little bit of help from somebody who is experienced with this type of option.

Talk Fusion Strives to Make a Difference

Since the company’s infant stage, Talk Fusion has always been about giving back. Talk Fusion is about helping people realize their dreams and fulfilling those dreams to build a better future. With this level of commitment, nobody has been more dedicated than Founder and CEO, Bob Reina. Bob has installed this level of giving back into the company’s DNA.

In fact, Bob has recently launched a program that allows Talk Fusion Associates to donate one free charity account to the charity of their choice. With this free account, charities are able to fully customize all of Talk Fusion’s products to fit their needs and help them spread the word to people all over the globe. Bob continues to strive to do all that he can to help as many non-profits and charities as he possibly can.

He has donated to many causes over the years including an Indonesian orphanage, victims of the Nepal earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and even volunteering some of his time to help those that are less fortunate. Bob has also helped out countless animals by paying for their life-saving operations and has given a $1 million donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Bob is one of the most dedicated and passionate people around. It is no wonder why he believes that his products will help bring in more people to help further your charity’s cause (

Talk Fusion is an all-in-one video marketing solution that guarantees your sales and customer traffic will increase when using these products. Talk Fusion’s products include Video Chat, Video Email, Video Newsletters, and Live Meetings. By using these video products, your message will be spread to more people around the world than you ever thought possible.

Using these products are simple. All you need to do is record a video, upload it to your Talk Fusion account, and customize it to your liking. Once you have done that, you can then send your video out to as many people as you wish. With all the success stories out there, it is no wonder why more and more people are turning towards working with Talk Fusion.

More on Talk Fusion:


Watching Eric Pulier Help Kids Was Amazing

I worked at a special school for kids with special needs and kids who had chronic illnesses, and I was in charge of making sure that all the kids got what they needed. It was really hard to see some of these kids suffer because they were dealing such hard problems. Most of these kids did not have a lot of help, but I saw Eric Pulier give them a lot of help with his technology. He brought in all these great things that helped these kids, but my most favorite thing was Starbright World.

This was one of the first chat sites where kids could talk to other kids who had the same disorders that they did. This must be so hard because we had kids in the school who had these terrible illnesses that no one else around them had. Having a name for a disease is one thing, but having someone to help with understanding their disease is a big deal to all those kids. I wanted them to feel like they were finally getting the help that they needed.

I know that some of them did not have a long life expectancy, but they at least deserved to be heard when they were in the school. We had time set aside to make sure that these kids could be able to talk to someone just like them. I actually came in and watched when they were on the network because I thought it was the most interesting thing. These kids got to talk to kids from around the world who were able to learn about their diseases. That meant that all these kids were going to have a chance to feel like they were not outcasts. We could never thank Eric Pulier for all the help he gave these kids.

More on Eric Pulier:

Eric Pulier: The importance of philanthropy and giving back to the community

What do you Know About Diversant and John Goullet?

The leadership at Diversant would be nothing without John Goullet. John is an entrepreneur who has been reputed for some of his mind-blowing business ventures. He has been on the forefront when it comes to the development of successful projects especially in the Information technology sector. The story of John Goullet as an entrepreneur is an interesting one, in fact, before he became and IT staffing expert, he was simply an IT consultant. He started his job as an IT staffing expert in 1994.

What has made Goullet a success in his niche is the fact that he is knowledgeable and has vast understanding and experience in the emerging trends in the IT market. He was the founder of Info Technologies which was a company which dealt mainly with IT staffing. They also focused on providing solid solutions on IT matters to Fortune 500 companies all over the nation. In just about five years, the company, Info Technologies, earned its place on the list of Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing firms which are privately owned. In that period of time, the company also earned approximately $30 Million and more visibility.

In 2010, Gene of Diversant Inc. and John of Info Technologies went into a merger to form Diversant LLC. John Goullet is currently the principal of Diversant and he continues with his passion of developing innovative ways of countering the challenges presented by the IT environment and marketplace.

At Diversant, clients are treated with the best customer services. The team at the firm is knowledgeable about what clients need and they ensure that they get exactly that. They also understand the placement process and the long-term relationships which they have established over the years helps them engage more with them.

When you choose Diversant for your staffing needs, the team will ensure that the recruitment process helps you get the best lot. They will look at your capabilities and the potential of your enterprise before helping you recruit a team that suits your IT needs. They can also negotiate alternative assignments and extensions for their consultants since they work with top firms nationwide.

More on John:

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