Sweetgreen: Eating Well to Be Well

The great accomplishment of Nathaniel Ru was to use his young brain at the time along with several other young minds during his senior year at Georgetown University in the D.C. area, to convince a skeptical landlady to allow them to follow their hearts, the dreams and their healthy minds to set up a wildly successful chain of healthy eateries on the first M Street space. The foods that are brought in for consumption by health minded people are fast delivered fresh from the farm to the dinner plate.


Once the young men succeeded in putting together a great restaurant in what was once a Tavern space of 560 square feet in a great location in the Georgetown University downtown area, students, professors, and all kinds of folks flocked to the new eatery for juices, salads, trendy healthy dishes that they called sexy, social, smart and local. Each year they promote their brand at their hosted event that is a music festival. It is their belief that they are the “Apple,” of eateries and that “People do not buy what you do. They buy the way that you do it.”


Health is so important for longer life these days that people latch on to a better way to live. Sweetgreen offers more choices to those who have learned that the body is what it is fed. Eating killed flesh is a quicker path to death and that is what happens to the body when the foods it gets are mortified. Sweetgreen offers the healthy greens, fruits, and grains to make the body strong and the mind sharp. Brain cells are conserved as they cannot be replaced, once lost. Eating meat causes lesions in the brain, interrupting synapses causing early loss of memory and sharpness. Many people lose their abilities at an earlier age from flesh eating which is equal to self inflicted devastation.


Ru has discovered that people want to live and his success is exponentially increasing with the number of stores that have been opened, using a core value business model that will support the company and the community with service to please the customers and galvanize the brand. Ru said that early on the team of young entrepreneurs who conjured up Sweetgreen banked on three values and then as the years passed they added as many as twenty core values that drove them to higher and higher levels of success. Recently, Ru found that he should hone their values down to five principle values which are posted in every kitchen of a Sweetgreen restaurant. Now all the employees are guided by the winning decision making that grew the company to such great success.




The Benefits of Shea Butter

Shea butter has abundant benefits for our skin. From wrinkles to sun burns, the healing and preventative benefits of shea butter have been proven. The main two ingredients found in shea butter are vitamins A and E, which have prodigious agents for skin. Research shows that vitamin A helps treat wrinkles, dark spots, and even smooth roughness. Vitamin E averts free radicals from the body which aids in the anti-aging process. Vitamin E has demonstrated to be an impressive moisturizer for the skin. The moisturizing properties of shea butter are impeccable as they promote natural healing and circulation to the skin. With all the moisturizers on the market it is important to find the best one for your skin.

Eu’Genia was developed in 2000 by Eugenia Akuete. Eugenia discovered the Ghanaian shea butter from the midwife whom delivered her. She found the exceeding benefits from this cream should be well known and used by everyone. Eugenia is now sharing her long secret with you. The organic, unprocessed Ghanaian shea butter involves the most wholesome ingredients for maximum benefits for your skin. Eu’Genia’s simple process for extracting the oils from the shea fruit aid in keeping it raw and wholesome. It has been proven that the moisturizers in shea butter prevent and minimize stretch marks, and aid in regenerating skin. Eu’Genia is not only improving skin, but also helping empower women in Northern Ghana. Aukete provides on the job training and higher than normal wages for women working with her. The benefits of this shea butter not only change your skin but also help change the world.

NutriMost for Fast Lasting Weight Loss

I recently came across a new weight loss program that is taking the nation by storm because it works. The program is called Nutrimost and the reason it is gaining popularity so quickly is because it works quickly and safely. Beyond just losing weight you regain your health and keep the weight off. Following Nutrimost means no more yo-yo dieting.

Nutrimost Nebraska Director Stefani Brown became involved with Nutrimost after a family member suffered a heath scare approximately a year ago. The family decided to use an alternative route to care for the family member ailment and said “That led us to believe that it is important to find the root of the problem about what’s going on in your body.”

Nutrimost works by balancing the bodies hormones, by turning off the hormones that cause the body to store fat and turning on the hormones that burn fat instead. In fact the healthy lifestyle Nutrimost provides is what attracted heath couch Camille Weins to Nutrimost. “I like the aspect that the different technologies involved are a lifetime thing,” Wiens said. “When you are done and get through this program, we have pretty much given you all the tools to go on and have a healthy life.”

Nutrimost uses resonant frequency technology to determine the bodies needs through the galvanic skin response. The information obtained from this test allows Nutrimost to develop a personalized plan for each client. The plan is based on a number of factors designed to aid the body in detoxification, appetite control, hormonal balance, regulation of the metabolism and fat burning.

Nutrimost assesses your entire body, from vitamin and minerals to hydration level, to develop a specific formula to bring your body back into proper balance helping you shed the excess weight and keep it off.

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