Securus Technologies Providing Safety

Securus Technologies is an excellent provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for investigations, public safety, corrections and public safety. Recently Securus published comments from customers who use Securus technology to solve and prevent crimes which also include inmate-on-inmate crimes. The comments were from letters and emails that were sampled from jail and prison officials.


Richard Smith, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies stated that once a week averagely, the company develops a new service or product which helps officials to enforce the law and also prevent crimes. Mr. Smith added that thousands of letters and emails had been read with comments on how the company supports the society attain safety. Securus was established in 1986 to promote public safety and keep inmates and families safer.


Just to discuss a few comments, one comment was about a correctional institution that used the information phone calls to obtain a search warrant for a corrupt staff member. With this evidence, the person was arrested to face the law, thanks to Securus. Another comment was from a jail official where calls were monitored which included information about inmate alcohol use and drug sells. Also, the calls contained threats, suspicious conversations about anonymous money being transferred and a civilian admitting to selling prescription drugs at a discount. With this information, the investigation was made simple.


Moreover, another client wrote a comment to recognize Securus for using LBS software. Using the LBS software together with other law enforcement resources has made work easier at their sheriff’s department as it recovered millions of drugs, illegal assets, and money. Without Securus Technologies company this investigation would have been complicated.


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus has benefited many institutions and people as it serves over 3,450 safety, law enforcement, and correction institutions. I appreciate the services it offers to the community because it has helped improve public safety. Securus Technologies Company is passionate about curbing crimes.


Securus’ Excellence in Service Provision Receives Recognition from Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies is one of the top providers of civil and criminal justice services in the world. The company was established in 1986 and it uses technology to track parolees, provide detainee communications and ensure public safety. Among the leading clients of the firm are correctional facilities in over 40 states in America. The company’s reach also extends to other countries outside the United States such as Columbia, Canada, and Mexico.

The success of Securus Technology is unquestionable. The firm offers its services to over 3,450 law enforcement and correctional agencies and over 1,200,000 inmates across the nation and beyond. The firm is a reliable provider of emergency response, incident management, biometric analysis and inmate self-service. Additionally, Securus provides public information and monitoring services.

In May this year, Securus Technologies received accreditation from Better Business Bureau. The company’s A+ rating shows the firm’s dedication to serving its clients, according to Danny de Hoyos. The firm, which has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, has four regional offices. It embraces the policies of honesty, transparency and honoring promises. Clients of the firm also enjoy privacy and quick service.

Part of the expansion process of Securus includes the company’s recent establishment of an in-house customer service call sender. The call sender is the largest in the country with the capacity to house 220 people. The facility will be critical to serving the more than 25 million clients and family members of the security firm. Currently, the company handles about 2.5 million calls a month. The impressive 99% first call resolution rate by the corporation played a significant role in the organization meeting BBB standards and attain the high score it got. The accreditation shows that Securus is who say who they are, and the company’s future looks impressive give the current achievements.


Save Your Time and Money Today!

Recently, Securus Technologies announced the launching of its ConnectUs mechanized Inmate Forms and Grievance app. This innovation is aimed at assisting customers save money and real time. According to Russell Roberts, the vice president in charge of Securus marketing and strategy, Securus is dedicated to continuously provide new features and technology to customers. Inmate Forms and Grievance app is a good example of the innovations that have been made to ensure clients get effective and latest technological solutions. Most correctional facilities tend to use paper forms when dealing with inmate requests such as medical, handbook acceptance forms, grievances and signup forms among others. This makes correctional officers spend much of their valuable and precious time collecting, distributing, copying, responding, archiving, storing as well as logging forms.


Advantages of the New Application


This application is designed to create custom forms of all types of request and make them easily accessible to inmates. Additionally, if you are in need of changing a particular form, the process is simplified and only takes a few minutes to get it done. The changes are made as fast as possible and no printing is involved in the whole process. This application aims at transforming manual paper processes into digital automation. With this application, customers and correction staffs are able to save much of their valuable time and focus more on sensitive issues such as security and safety. Moreover, inmates are in good position to access the form, view their status and decide whether to appeal or accept them.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is one of the leading service providers of criminal justice and civil technology solutions for corrections, investigations and public safety. This firm has its main offices in Dallas, Texas and serves more than 1,200,000 inmates all over North America. Securus Technologies has a good reputation due to the amazing services it provides.