IDLife Enthused to Announce its Partnership with Garmin

While many people are passionate about health and wellness, none is as passionate as Logan Stout, the founder of IDLife. His company is revolutionary health and wellness entity that offers customized nutrition to its members. IDLife is three years old, and it is among the leading health and wellness companies. Also, IDLife is among 100 leading multi-level marketing firms around the globe.

IDLife (which is an abbreviation of individually designed life) offers many product lines that cater to the needs of men, women, and children of all ages. Some of their products include skin care products, weight management products, workout products, energy products, and sleep products among others. IDLife focuses on producing quality and potent nutritional supplements that are non-GMO, soy free, and gluten-free. FDA approved laboratories regularly sample IDLife products and perform tests on them to ensure conformity to some set standards and guidelines.

IDLife entered the American nutritional supplements market with the idea of customized nutrition. The company uses a tool on its website that requires a person to answer questions regarding personal, dietary, lifestyle, physical, medical, and medications. The answers to the mentioned questions are analyzed by a team of IDLife’s nutritionists who recommend products that perfectly suit the needs of an individual who took their free test.

IDLife believes that their concept of personalized nutrition can benefit from Garmin’s Vivo tracking device. Recently, IDLife announced that they had partnered with Garmin, a technology company that manufactures wearable fitness trackers. IDLife’s members willing to improve their customized nutrition experience can buy Vivo device through IDLife’s website. Vivo device will work with the IDWellness application to improve the accuracy of recommended supplements. As the Vivo device tracks a client’s physical activities, it sends measurable quantities to the IDWellness app. With the two perfectly synchronized, IDLife’s members need to enter their meals manually to the IDWellness app. Many variables are then used to generate a customized nutrition list for the clients. For more info about us: click here.

Logan Stout started IDLife in 2014, and he is the CEO of the company. As an athlete, he understands how nutrition is crucial in attaining desirable performance in sports and other duties of life. Stout

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