Locational Safety Provides Cotemar a Big Plus

At first glance one would think that keeping track of employees on a petroleum offshore platform should be pretty easy. After all, where exactly is one going to go on a platform out in the middle of the ocean? However, in reality knowing the location of staff on an oil rig is critical business, and Cotemar’s safety program uses some of the latest technology to do so.

Specifically, Cotemar has implemented a real time location system, or RTLS, on its offshore platforms that also function as living quarters for assigned personnel. Because the tagging system is entirely automated, there’s no need to for any kind of check-in exercise each day. Unlike the traditional name check which enters the risk of human error, The RTLS approach picks up the location and presence of a given employee tagged as soon as the individual badge is activated. Night or day, the staff person’s location on Saladecomunicacion.cotemar.com is known immediately, a huge safety advantage for regular monitoring on an oil rig.

The actual signals from the staff are caught by Wi-Fi nodes strategically placed on the platform, so employees can work freely without having to be near or intentionally pass any kind of passive sensor on a wall or door. While no one wants to wish for any kind of a bad event, the RTLS provides real-time, immediate data and quick information on exactly where every employee is on the rig. And that can be invaluable for any kind of safety event if staff are cut off in one location or unaccounted for by sight. Source: http://cotemar.com.mx/compania/cotemar-quienes-somos/

The RTLS approach also makes it extremely easy for management to keep track of staff in their assigned work locations and functions immediately. There’s no guesswork in attendance supervision. That increases staff productivity on cotemar.com.mx on the natural and reduces staff downtime with immediate attention to who happens to be still sitting quarters or out of place on a shift.

The RTLS has been an immediate improvement over a previous bar-coded tracking process on Indeed. Not only would staff forget to swipe their bar codes, causing repeat questions and problems about where employees actually where, the previous bar code badges often fell apart with the oil rig environment, moisture, and hot summer temperature in the Gulf of Mexico. The new RTLS equipment entirely eliminates these issues. No surprise, Cotemar management has been quite pleased with the safety performance results showing up so quickly.

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