Entrepreneur Eric Pulier uses technology to guide philanthropic efforts

Eric Pulier has been recognized as a leading tech entrepreneurs since the mid 1990’s, founding 15 companies and being active as a venture capitalist. But his most important contributions to society are his philanthropic achievements. Eric’s many charitable efforts have touched the lives of children and the underprivileged worldwide.

Early in his business career, Eric Pulier set aside valuable time to improve the lives of people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. His multimedia programs educated the afflicted about their disease by using their own home computers, and compensated for users with limited motor skills by implementing a peripheral beam device used for interacting with the system. Pulier has also been honored by US Doctors for Africa for his work establishing technical innovations to healthcare facilities in Africa.

Pulier continued to use his knowledge of technology to serve as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. Founded by President Bill Clinton, the CGI searches for innovative solutions to solve the world’s pressing issues. Pulier was tasked with developing a program to provide computing resources to under-served communities at an affordable cost. Pulier continued to aid President Clinton, organizing the “Bridge to the 21st Century” event at Clinton’s second inauguration. The event showcased how technology will affect all area of our lives, from education to government in the near future.

Pulier continues to be active with several other groups. The “Campaign for Free College Tuition” seeks to provide a free college education to all Americans. This group has earned the blessing of President Barack Obama, and was mentioned in a State of the Union Address.Also, Pulier is a supporter of the XPRIZE Foundation, who host public technological competitions intended to develop programs beneficial to mankind. Pulier serves on the Innovation Board of the XPRIZE Foundation. Lastly, Pulier is a board member of the Painted Turtle, founded by Paul Newman and Lou Adler in 1999. The Painted Turtle’s primary focus is a summer camp for children facing chronic or life-threatening illnesses. The camp is based Lake Hughes, California, just 90 minutes from Pulier’s home in Los Angeles.

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John Goullet: A Leader, Not a Follower

When it comes to life, there are two types of people. There are leaders and there are followers. Leaders are the types of people that lead, stand out, and do what is necessary to survive. They don’t stand still and they aren’t fond of having to take orders from people that maybe don’t know what they are talking about in their particular field. It doesn’t mean they are stubborn or hard-headed. It just means they have a vision and they like to stick to it, and they will take input from people they respect and people that have been around the block, so to speak. John Goullet is not a follower.

A follower is someone that is a yes man or a yes woman and just does whatever they are told, without questioning it, and even if they know it is wrong or the wrong thing to do. When it comes to John Goullet, he works hand-in-hand with the leadership and advisory team at Diversant. Everyone has a voice in the room and they come to decisions together. John Goullet, of course, is the principal executive on the board, and he is not afraid to let his voice be heard in a polite yet firm manner. They respect that about him. They know they are going to get the truth from him.

After all, this man is an entrepreneur and someone that knows what it takes to lead and how to get a company off the ground and keep it successful. He was in charge of his own company and his company was so respected, trusted, and well-liked that Fortune 500 companies came to them whenever they had a problem and looked to him for solutions. He was never caught off guard by this and always had a solution in hand when the time called for it. He was and still is, all about finding the best possible solution to any problem. He is a man of action and strong conviction, which is why he has so much respect and is such a valuable member of Diversant. They are proud and honored to have him on their board.

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NutriMost for Fast Lasting Weight Loss

I recently came across a new weight loss program that is taking the nation by storm because it works. The program is called Nutrimost and the reason it is gaining popularity so quickly is because it works quickly and safely. Beyond just losing weight you regain your health and keep the weight off. Following Nutrimost means no more yo-yo dieting.

Nutrimost Nebraska Director Stefani Brown became involved with Nutrimost after a family member suffered a heath scare approximately a year ago. The family decided to use an alternative route to care for the family member ailment and said “That led us to believe that it is important to find the root of the problem about what’s going on in your body.”

Nutrimost works by balancing the bodies hormones, by turning off the hormones that cause the body to store fat and turning on the hormones that burn fat instead. In fact the healthy lifestyle Nutrimost provides is what attracted heath couch Camille Weins to Nutrimost. “I like the aspect that the different technologies involved are a lifetime thing,” Wiens said. “When you are done and get through this program, we have pretty much given you all the tools to go on and have a healthy life.”

Nutrimost uses resonant frequency technology to determine the bodies needs through the galvanic skin response. The information obtained from this test allows Nutrimost to develop a personalized plan for each client. The plan is based on a number of factors designed to aid the body in detoxification, appetite control, hormonal balance, regulation of the metabolism and fat burning.

Nutrimost assesses your entire body, from vitamin and minerals to hydration level, to develop a specific formula to bring your body back into proper balance helping you shed the excess weight and keep it off.

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That Cleaning Time of Year Again

If there is one chore that everyone hates doing, it is spring cleaning around the house. Many people would prefer going outside or taking small trips to get away from home. But spring cleaning keeps you trapped at home and away from these activities.

Luckily, there are now other options besides doing the spring cleaning yourself. One of these options is Handy Home Cleaners and Handymen. Handy offers many services to help you with all of your spring cleaning projects. The best part is that all of their employees have had background and identity checks done so that you know that you are only getting the best people. And Handy guarantees their services with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Aside from their amazing employees and professional standards, their services are extremely varied and ready for any project you may need done. For home cleaning, there is an extensive checklist of work that the company does. The rooms that come included are the bedrooms, living room, common areas, bathrooms, and kitchen. Other extra services can be added upon request if more in depth work may be needed than just a basic clean.

If your spring cleaning included other types of projects, Handy has you covered there as well. They also offer furniture assembly, interior painting, television mounting, moving assistance, and assistance with hanging pictures and shelves. These many services are a great way to see your spring cleaning checklist shrink very quickly and with little effort from you.

Whatever your spring cleaning includes, Handy offers the services to help you see that all of your projects are done in the best manner possible. You will have your checklist completed and won’t have to stress out over finding the time to do everything that needs to be done.

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The Life of Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is an industry that produces a lot of wealthy people. Even though the hours are long, investment banking pays really high salaries to workers within the field. There are some people who are able to succeed above the noise and work to the top. Martin Lustgarten has had a great career in investment banking over the past few decades. With all of the success he has had, this has opened up other areas of his life. Learning how to invest is something that everyone should do. Sometimes it makes sense to work with professionals in the field on this subject.


Martin Lustgarten Early Career


Martin Lustgarten was always great at business. He was one of those kids who would start up a business selling a variety of things. This passion would serve him well later on in life. There are a lot of people who do not understand just how much work it takes to succeed in investment banking over the long term. Martin Lustgarten has a passion for helping others through their finances, and this passion is what drives him to work as hard as he does. Anyone who wants to work in investment banking needs to understand how much work is really involved. Few people are able to deal with all of the long hours and stress.


Learning to Invest
One of the great things about investment banking is that workers get to teach other people how to invest their money. There are many people who have no idea how to take that next step with their personal finances. Working with someone who has experience in the field is a great way to get started. Anyone who wants to learn how to invest simply needs to work with an investment banking company. Martin Lustgarten has many decades of experience investing. He is one of the best people in the world when it comes to developing an investment plan and following it through to the end. Anyone who wants to learn how to invest at a high level has the information available today to do so. Find Lustgarten on Vimeo to see what his visual tastes are like.

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John Goullet – the Man behind Diversant LLC

Diversant’s Principal Executive John Goullet has essentially spent his entire life in the IT business. From a Computer Consultant to an IT staffing Account Executive, he further progressed to establish his company dealing with IT staffing, a company that within a span of 5 years expanded to $30M. It comes as no surprise to many, as John has been on the forefront of numerous highly successful undertakings in the IT realm.

What sets Principal Executive John Goullet apart from any other IT guru is not just his passion but the intense drive within him to see advancements in IT. He is at his happiest when he knows he has provided a solution for at least one challenge facing the IT sector, more so when it has to do with IT staffing.

Diversant prides itself in being a top-notch IT staffing company that caters majorly to the Fortune 500 companies. They have been ranked as the largest African-American owned IT staffing firm in the entire United States.

Staying true to its name, Diversant is all about diversity, holding a firm belief that success of any kind requires diverseness. It is, after all, said that variety is the spice of life. Diversant aims to promote not just diversity in skill set, but also in personal backgrounds. The diversity in this firm itself is apparent seeing as it was formed by the merging of two companies: John Goullet’s Info Technologies and Gene Waddy’s Diversant Inc.

It is this search for diversity that further gives Diversant a niche in the IT staffing sector. For them, handling IT staffing is more than just a matter of ticking off a few bullets on a checklist. They go into deep analysis, keeping in mind the corporate needs, to find an IT expert that’s just perfect for the company in mind.

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Bus Journeys Add To The Artistic Choices Of Doug Levitt

American music and literature is filled with names of famous artists who embarked on journeys into the hidden world of poverty that is rarely shown in the media of the U.S. Former journalist Doug Levitt was inspired by the explorations undertaken by radio, music, and literature personalities in the early to mid 20th century as he undertook a series of journeys by bus he has dubbed “The Greyhound Diaries”; Levitt began the journeys in 2004 with plans for a six week journey, which had morphed into an 80,000 mile odyssey by 2012.

At the age of 16 Doug Levitt’s father died, a pivotal moment in the career of the artist who began searching for his place in the world in the wake of the tragedy; initially, Levitt studied at Cornell University before heading to London to explore international relations at the London School of Economics. After completing his studies Levitt embarked on a career as a journalist for a series of major news outlets in the U.S., which was followed by his decision to return to his first love of music. Levitt returned to the career of a musician in 2001, before embarking upon “The Greyhound Diaries” in 2004 traveling by Greyhound bus across the country.

Doug Levitt had spent a large amount of his career as a journalist and would go on to detail many of his experiences on his trips across the U.S. in book form, which he shares with audiences at his live shows as spoken word monologues. During his explorations of the poorest in U.S. society Doug has made a number of discoveries about how the U.S. and the media work that he explains to the live audiences he performs for across America. Levitt believes the real life experiences of people in the U.S. are not shown by the news media who spend their time exploring stories based in a few major cities across the country.

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Charles Koch and the Proud Letter

Charles Koch’s name pops up in the media quite frequently these days. Koch is known as a top donor to Republican and Libertarian Party causes, and this is an election season. Politics is not the only topic in which Koch’s name is connected in news reports. Koch has spoken to reporters and interviewers on a host of topics. Some of those topics are more philosophical and philanthropic in nature as opposed to politics.

In an interview with ABC News, Koch read a letter left to him by his father. Charles Koch revealed the sentiments in the letter helped guide him in life in many ways.

The letter is not something that Charles keeps locked away in a safe or holds errantly in a desk drawer. The letter is framed and has a very special place on his wall. The lengthy handwritten letter is a heartfelt one. The contents do show a father’s love as the prose provides advice to Charles and brother David in regards to how both should approach running the company of Koch Industries after the elder Koch’s passing.

Both brothers have done a solid job of following their father’s advice. Koch Industries has grown to incredible heights and accomplishments. CEO Charles Koch has led the company to success in many different industry sectors. The privately-held multinational company is a massive success story.

Charles Koch has also parlayed that success into political power. Koch and his brother run a massive donor network that supports the GOP and Libertarian causes across the nation.

Recently, Charles Koch wrote a solid book on the subject of business and management. Like his father’s letter, the work is very heartfelt. Those who read can discover a different side to the usually quiet and limelight-avoiding Koch.

This article recapped http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/charles-koch-shares-letter-guides-life/story?id=38763293

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Find Out Which Latin American Country Dondero and his Friends want to Buy off

James Dondero is the man at the helm of Highlands capital management. He has led the firm since inception in 1993.He has advised Argentina and the Chinese government on many matters including the adoption of market-oriented economies and stopping the devaluation of the Yuan. The Argentine advice was in response to a government led austerity program.

The Argentina government recently launched a bond drive to enable it to pay off debts it owes to other hedge funds led by Paul Stinger. The former Argentine government had refused to pay off money it owed. It resulted in the world ignoring Argentina and its economy undergoing a recession. With the new government in place, James Dondero says the market conditions are ripe for Highlands capital management to make a splash.

James and his friend Mike Okada founded Highlands Capital Management in 1993.They have since pioneered many investment vehicles including CDOS .James is a CFA, CPA, and CMA. He has over 25 years of experience in the credit market and is best known for guiding HCM from a start up to today when it has over $ 19 billion of invested capital.

Dondero has also made a name advising others on investing in the forex trade. Making money in the stock exchange is hard. You need to navigate and trend carefully to make any form of returns. You must be a careful investor to get anywhere. For you to taste stock dollars, you need to carefully and intensely monitor the stock and its movements. Of utmost importance is knowing that you cannot predict the stock market. It is a place of swings hence due diligence is necessary.

Bankers are traditionally known for their preference of investing in the financial markets, and James is no different. The Dallas native has always had a good intuition and an eye for sound investment opportunities. His expertise is known throughout the stock market world and has made him a point of reference as well as an advisor. Investing in the financial sector has a long-standing perception by the general public that it is akin to gambling or playing and hoping to win the lottery. Most people, therefore, expect tons of returns from their investments in a very short period. James laughs off this assertion and says you must know what you are doing, or you will lose money.

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A New Scholarship For Kids In Brooklyn By Keith Mann

Keith Mann has released the Scholarship for Professional Achievement, and it was reported by BusinessWire as a program that is going to help kids who are going to charter schools in the Brooklyn area. These kids are dreaming of getting a college education, but it is very hard for these kids to pay for it in some instances. The program is going to help one kid with $5000 a year for college, and that is going to let these kids into a family of winners who are going to be funded so they can go to college.

The kids that go to college on this program can apply when they are going to the special charter schools in Brooklyn, and they are going to be able to use that as just one of the awards they can receive. Kids are trying to get as much money as they can for college, and this program is going to give them all that cash when they win. Kids who apply are going to have their applications read personally, and they are going to be considered on all their merits. This is how kids get the best chance of winning, and it helps them all feel like they are applying for a quality program.

There are a lot of people who are trying to get money for college every year in New York, and a lot of them are in places where it is hard to afford to go to any school. There are a lot of people who are trying to make sure that they can are going to have enough programs to apply to, and it is going to be even more important for these people to start applying as soon as possible.

Keith Mann is committing a lot of time and energy to program to make sure that he is helping kids get an education. He knows how much that education is worth, and he wants to help these kids where he can. They can apply for this program today, and they will be able to be among those who have a chance of winning.

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