Sweetgreen Is Changing The Fast Food Industry

A new salad restaurant chain called Sweet Green is changing how people are viewing the fast food industry. This industry has long been associated with unhealthy foods such as burgers or fries or burritos. Sweetgreen is changing all of this. It offers healthy, freshly prepared salads made from local, fresh ingredients that are in season. Furthermore, the pricing is very close to a burger, fries and milkshake at a comparable restaurant.


 Sweetgreen is also making use of technology to improve its business and ultimately the fast food restaurant experience. Customers can order salads online through the web. There is also a sweetgreen app that lets a person order straight from a smartphone. It is estimated that 30% either use the web or app to place an order at Sweetgreen.


Another stand out item of Sweetgreen is that customers can customize their salads the way they want to. You can add or remove ingredients to tailor it to your specific needs. If ordering in person, a team member guides you from start to finish until your order is ready to be served.


Sweetgreen also has a unique supply chain model. Before entering a new market, it looks into the existing growers in the area and what crops they are growing. Instead of ordering what may not be found in the area, they use as much of the locally grown produce as possible. In California, for example, Sweetgreen has made use of broccoli rabe or leaves which used to be tilted back into the earth instead of eaten.


Sweetgreen has seen explosive growth. Many of its locations see long lines that can stretch outside the store. It is building upon all the latest trends in food. Healthy, fresh, organic and convenient is what has made Sweetgreen a chain with over 40 stores in 2016 since opening up in Washington D.C. in 2007.


Nathaniel Ru is one of the three co-founders of the salad chain restaurant called Sweetgreen. He along with, fellow co-founders Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet came up with the idea for Sweetgreen when they were students in Georgetown University in Washington D.C. They officially established Sweetgreen in 2007. Nathaniel Ru says that the idea for Sweetgreen came after they realized that there was a lack of affordable and healthy eating options in the area around Georgetown University.


Despite being in his 20s Nathaniel Ru is considered to be a pioneer in the food industry. He states that the idea of Sweetgreen is to use technology to make healthy food more convenient than ever before. Ru has also launched iniatives to reduce food waste and incorporate local produce in the menus of Sweetgreen locations. Nathaniel Ru, now also invests in other businesses in addition being a Co-CEO at Sweetgreen restaurants.


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