The Greatest Brazil Project-The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall

The dream of every business person is to achieve their objectives and see their enterprise flourish. Nonetheless, despite the will and desire to see this happen, it is not that easy. Coming up with a successful plan and strategy deserves some dedication and expertise.

Roberto Santiago is among the few people who have lived their dream. As a youngster, his dream was to give his people a complete recreational center. Santiago wanted to see that no one had to travel in search of luxury activities.

Santiago began implementing his plan at a very tender age. He was a scholar at Pio X Marist College. To understand the fundamentals of running a business, he acquired a degree in Business Administration in University Center of Joao Pessoa.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira mall was initiated in 1987 and completed in 1989.Over the years, the mall has grown into the largest mall in Brazil.

The Manaira mall is a gift to the people of Joao Pessoa, and they visit the mall on a daily basis. The Santiago mall has succeeded in fulfilling all the residents wants by itself. This is because it has over 280 premises. In this premises are banks, medical centers, colleges, boutiques, restaurants, theaters just to mention a few.

Roberto Santiago’s greatest surprise to his people was the Domus hall. The residents had never seen something of the sort. The hall is built on the rooftop of the Manaira mall. The mall can hold a capacity of up to 10000 people. The hall is well aerated to ensure it’s conducive for everyone.

The Domus building is divided into two. The ground floor that is used for public events and the mezzanine level designed exclusively for people who need privacy. The ground floor is preferably used for concerts because of its acoustics and sound effects. The hall is not restricted for concerts only. The residents have a chance to rent it to hold their ceremonies. Numerous graduation parties, weddings, conference meetings, have taken place in the Domus hall.

The Santiago mall has a great gaming area beside the theaters that display the most recent movies. The Manaira’s food court has continually been expanded to ensure everyone is covered. This is in terms of variety and affordability.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall is simply a place for everyone. Whether you want clothes, jewelry, general shopping or a good time with family Manaira mall is your partner.

Due to this success, Roberto Santiago is one of the most named entrepreneurs in Brazil. Many young investors read about him to emulate him and make better investors. Roberto Santiago is a selfless business person. He founded his business with the aim of improving the life of his people. Investors should learn from him and ensure their projects are not only profit generating but beneficial to their community as well.


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