Through Green Park Brands, Livio Bisterzo Creates The Hippeas Brand


Green Park Brands is planning to start selling its Hippeas products. This organic chickpea puffs snack will leverage on its healthy offering. The product targets the socially conscious and healthy millennial. It will be packed in the 22g and 110g bags with less than 91 calories and 455 calories respectively.
The gluten-free snack will be available in different flavors. The new range will have Pepper Power, which incorporates sea salt and pepper. Far Out Fajita will be prepared using cumin, paprika and chilli. In Herbs We Trust shall have thyme, oregano and rosemary flavors. Paprika spice, onion and smoked sea salts are the ingredients needed to make the Sweet & Smokin brand.
The CEO of Green Park Brand, Livio Bisterzo, asserted that Hippeas would be the next loved snack brand in the globe given that it has all what it takes. He continued to say that by creating an affordable, premium and better-for-you proposition, the company would revive Hippeas’ food category.
The brand launched in retail partners, including Boots, Starbucks as well as Holland & Barrett. JKR created the visual identity, personality, tone of voice and packaging of the brand. Hippeas brand is designed to resonate with the contemporary “hippie” generation. To this end, the company partnered with Farm Africa’s Food for Good joint initiative. The brand personality is inspired by the original hippie era’s smiling face. However, it was updated to be in tune with the modern audience. The brand’s visual identity is aimed to stand out on the shelves, online and in the minds of consumers. It is characterized by a bold yellow face, which has a colored tongue to signify the different flavors. The tone of the voice is designed to enhance social consciousness using irreverent humor.

For over 7 years, Livio was working in the health and natural food industry. In order to create Hippeas, he worked closely with a food innovation company. It took several product development as well as consumer testing before they came up with a finished product. Livio and his team had to push the boundaries in order to make the “better for you” snack. He has received many comments from satisfied customers that have had Hippeas as their new snack. Livio is happy about the social mission of the brand. He said that the brand is receiving recognition and many opportunities. To this end, the company is giving back to society. Livio knew that they needed to come up with a product that steers away from others and makes customers to pick it up from the shelves.

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