Watching Eric Pulier Help Kids Was Amazing

I worked at a special school for kids with special needs and kids who had chronic illnesses, and I was in charge of making sure that all the kids got what they needed. It was really hard to see some of these kids suffer because they were dealing such hard problems. Most of these kids did not have a lot of help, but I saw Eric Pulier give them a lot of help with his technology. He brought in all these great things that helped these kids, but my most favorite thing was Starbright World.

This was one of the first chat sites where kids could talk to other kids who had the same disorders that they did. This must be so hard because we had kids in the school who had these terrible illnesses that no one else around them had. Having a name for a disease is one thing, but having someone to help with understanding their disease is a big deal to all those kids. I wanted them to feel like they were finally getting the help that they needed.

I know that some of them did not have a long life expectancy, but they at least deserved to be heard when they were in the school. We had time set aside to make sure that these kids could be able to talk to someone just like them. I actually came in and watched when they were on the network because I thought it was the most interesting thing. These kids got to talk to kids from around the world who were able to learn about their diseases. That meant that all these kids were going to have a chance to feel like they were not outcasts. We could never thank Eric Pulier for all the help he gave these kids.

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