What do you Know About Diversant and John Goullet?

The leadership at Diversant would be nothing without John Goullet. John is an entrepreneur who has been reputed for some of his mind-blowing business ventures. He has been on the forefront when it comes to the development of successful projects especially in the Information technology sector. The story of John Goullet as an entrepreneur is an interesting one, in fact, before he became and IT staffing expert, he was simply an IT consultant. He started his job as an IT staffing expert in 1994.

What has made Goullet a success in his niche is the fact that he is knowledgeable and has vast understanding and experience in the emerging trends in the IT market. He was the founder of Info Technologies which was a company which dealt mainly with IT staffing. They also focused on providing solid solutions on IT matters to Fortune 500 companies all over the nation. In just about five years, the company, Info Technologies, earned its place on the list of Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing firms which are privately owned. In that period of time, the company also earned approximately $30 Million and more visibility.

In 2010, Gene of Diversant Inc. and John of Info Technologies went into a merger to form Diversant LLC. John Goullet is currently the principal of Diversant and he continues with his passion of developing innovative ways of countering the challenges presented by the IT environment and marketplace.

At Diversant, clients are treated with the best customer services. The team at the firm is knowledgeable about what clients need and they ensure that they get exactly that. They also understand the placement process and the long-term relationships which they have established over the years helps them engage more with them.

When you choose Diversant for your staffing needs, the team will ensure that the recruitment process helps you get the best lot. They will look at your capabilities and the potential of your enterprise before helping you recruit a team that suits your IT needs. They can also negotiate alternative assignments and extensions for their consultants since they work with top firms nationwide.

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